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Azospirillum Bio Fertilizer

Recommendations :

  • Jowar, Bajra, Wheat, Maize, Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Vegetables, Grass, Fruit trees and Ornamental plants.
  • Only Rhizobium is recommended for leguminous plants like Groundnut, Soybean, Red-gram, Green-gram, Black-gram, Lentil, Cow pea, Bengal-gram and Fodder legumes.

Specifications :

Purity 100%
Family Rhodospirillaceae
Scientific Name Azospirillum
Rank Genus
Phylum Proteobacteria
Storage Store in a Cool Place
Usage Agricultural


In Stock

Packing Available :

  • 500 gms / 500 ml, 1000 gms / 1000 ml.

Avail from us, Azospirillum that is a nitrogen fixing bacteria, effective for all non-leguminous crops. Azospirillum contains 109/gm spores of Azospirillum species. This microorganism fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to plants in a symbiotic manner. Azospirillum is mainly useful for monocot vegetables. Azospirillum biofertilizer also secretes some fungicides, enzymes but in minute amount. Moreover, the use of Azospirillum biofertilizer increases the crop production in large scale.

Application :

  • Use for the non-leguminous crops before the mentioned expiry date.
  • Mix the inoculants uniformly with the seeds gently with the minimum amount of water taking care to avoid damage to seed coat. Dry the inoculated seeds under shade over clean paper or gunny bag and sow immediately.
  • For transplanted crops: Mix the inoculants in bucket of water stir the mixture vigorously. Dip the roots of seedlings in this mixture before transplanting. Transplant as usual.
  • It can be mixed with pit mixture before planting of vegetables / fruit crop.
  • If the seed is to be treated with pesticides; first follow the pesticide treatments and finally treat seeds with Azospirillum inoculant.

Dosage :

  • Use 15 to 20 gm / kg of seed, 1 to 2 kg for soil application per acre of land, 1 kg for root application (root dipping) of one acre of crop.