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Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Pseudomonas Fluorescens Biological-Fungicide

Precautions & Compatibility Data :

  • Do not use chemical bactericidal before or after the application of Fluorescens-P for 4-5 days. Do not apply Fluorescens-P to seeds treated with Chemical bactericides immediately.

Safety Precaution :

  • If spill on skin, wash with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children and uninformed persons.

Specifications :

Application Agricultural
Seed Treatment 5 - 10 g / Kg of seed Soil drenching,
Nursery application
Root Dipping 3 g / lt of water
Soil Application 1- 2 Kg per acre
Purity 99.80%
Shelf Life 12 months

Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Packing Available :

  • 1000 gm and 500gm in packets / pouches
  • 12 kg and 15 kg in carton box

Pseudomonas Fluorescens is an ecofriendly biological fungicide based on Pseudomonas Fluorescens highly active on root and stem rots, Sheath blights / leaf spots, mildews and other fungal diseases. Pseudomonas Fluorescens P acts on the hyphae of plant pathogens by enzymes and antagonism. Seed treatment with Pseudomonas Fluorescens fungicide provides a protective zone around seeds.

Composition :

  • Fluorescens-P with CFU 2x108/gm count.
  • Fluorescens-P also acts as plant growth promoter and stimulates seed germination and early flowering and fruiting.

Uses :

Effectively control Fluorescens-P controls Bacterial leaf blight, sheath blight of paddy, damping off of chilly, Panama wilt of Banana, wilt of Tomato, Chickpea, Seedling rot of Black gram, Root rot of sesamum, late leaf spot of ground nut and red rot of sugarcane. It also induces plant growth by secreting various organic acids that help in the solubilization of insoluble phosphorus and hence the phosphorous availability to crops is increased. Pseudomonas Fluorescens controls nematode and diseases by combination of antagonistic interactions such as parasitism, antibiosis and competition it also controls Downy mildews & Powdery mildews.

Fluorescens-P Is Available As :

  • Using Talc as carrier for Solid formulation.
  • Using Dextrose as carrier for Foliar application (Completely water soluble).
  • Liquid preparation.

Recommended Crops :

  • Paddy, Cotton, Soybean, Ginger, Turmeric, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Orchards, Chilies, Potato, Sugarcane, Banana and Oil seeds, etc.